‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 12 Spoilers: It’s Game On For Capt. Sig Hansen & Capt. Jake Anderson

Deadliest Catch spoilers

“Deadliest Catch” season 12 spoilers for the second episode reveal that Capt. Sig Hansen of the Northwestern and Capt. Jake Anderson of the Saga are officially going head-to-head in getting the upper hand this crab season.

In last week’s episode, Sig overheard Jake getting a tip on hot spot to drop his crab pots. Not to be outdone, Sig decided he’d venture in the same direction and see how his luck would pan out. When Jake caught on to Sig’s plan, he decided to get back at his mentor by sabotaging his crab pots. Now it’s game on for these two captains.

“I’ve seen a lot of captains succeed, AND fail,” Sig says in the sneak peek video via Twitter (seen below).

Soon after that comment, we see Jake mocking Sig on the radio. Sig is seen unimpressed with Jake’s willingness to play games and calls him a baby.

Sig emphasizes the importance of a captain maintaining control of his crew and having the right attitude in order to keep going.

Various scenes play out of the “Deadliest Catch” episode that show Sig and Jake arguing. Sig tells Jake that he doesn’t think he’s acting like the responsible captain he makes himself out to be. Jake is frustrated and still learning the ropes as a full-fledged captain of his own boat and crew on the Bering Sea. He might want to believe he’s got everything under control, but there’s tension on his boat and he might need some extra guidance.

While Jake has worked hard to get where he is, he still has a lot to learn. It appears some tense moments between he and Sig will complicate matters even more.

In other spoilers for “Deadliest Catch’s” second episode of season 12, TV.com writes: “Sean Dwyer and his crew prepare for their first crab season on the Brenna A; Jake makes a mistake; Wild Bill deals with a deckhand; Keith gets support from Johnathan Hillstrand.”

Episode 2 of “Deadliest Catch” season 12 airs Tuesday, April 5 on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m., ET/PT.


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