Kate Middleton Not Urging Prince William To Lose Weight Despite Tabloid Claims

kate middleton

Kate Middleton is NOT urging Prince William to lose weight, contrary to what a tabloid report might have readers believing.

OK! magazine published an article in this week’s issue entitled, “Kate Middleton Is Urging Prince William To Diet Due To Her Worries About His Weight Gain.” As the report falsely writes, the Duchess of Cambridge “isn’t impressed with the eating habits he’s adopted over the winter” and she’s “determined to get her husband healthy again after he’s gained a few pounds!”

Gossip Cop is once again setting the record straight with yet another royal blunder in the media. The site that cleans up fabricated reports states that OK! doesn’t have “insider” information on the British royals.

The latest report alleged that Prince William “packed on a good 15lbs over the winter and Kate’s not happy about it,” according to a “source.” The supposed insider added that Kate wants her husband “trimmed down in time for their tour of India in April and she’s put him on a workout regime and low-carb diet.”

On a hilarious note, the article added that Kate isn’t weight obsessed, but wants William healthy and staying “fighting fit” for when he becomes king.

Prince William hardly appears overweight or even slightly podgy. He’s lean and muscular in build, which is what makes the report less credible from an observer’s standpoint. It’s evident he’s every bit as conscientious about his appearance as his wife.

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