‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn’s Control Of Liam Is About To End

The Bold and the Beautiful

As “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers indicate, things are about to break in the Liam/Quinn storyline. On Friday, Liam came to the realization that “Eve” isn’t being straight-up with him about anything. He’s struggling to remember who the real woman is he first married. Although he doesn’t know who the bride is, he’s certain it’s not “Eve.”

According to spoilers seen in a preview clip of “The Bold and the Beautiful” for Monday’s episode, Quinn is beaming that Wyatt finally married Steffy. Brooke says it’s really strange that Liam hasn’t been in touch with anyone at all. Little does anyone know it’s because he’s been manipulated by crazy Quinn.

The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers from Soap Opera Spy spill that Liam will demand answers from Quinn. He’s grown tired of her eschewing his questions about his past. He won’t let her off so easy when she tries dodging them again.

At one point next week, Bill gets very worried about Liam and enlists the help of his right-hand man, Justin, to help track him down. At some point Wyatt will pay his mom a visit at her cabin and things unravel from there.

The Bold and the Beautiful” has been milking this storyline for months. How will it end up for Quinn? She’ll soon find herself on the receiving end of her son’s wrath. Wyatt voiced heaping praise for his mother at his wedding for supporting him while believing she had changed her meddlesome ways. It’s all a foretelling of just how nuclear he’s about to get when he learns the truth. His mother has been filling his head with lies just so he could get Steffy down the aisle.

Next week looks to be packed with huge revelations on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”


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