Brussels airport ‘to reopen on Sunday’

Media captionBrussels Airport chief executive Arnaud Feist says the airport reopening is ‘a sign of hope’

Brussels airport plans to partially reopen on Sunday with new security controls, 12 days after it was attacked by suicide bombers.

Airport authorities said three Brussels Airlines’ flights would depart for European destinations.

Zaventem has not handled passenger flights since the attack on its departure hall claimed by the so-called Islamic State group.

The attacks on the airport and a metro station left 32 people dead.

In another development, Belgian authorities charged a third suspect – named only as Y A – with terrorist offences linked to a plot to attack France.

The charges come in the wake of the arrest of Frenchman Reda Kriket in a Paris suburb on 24 March.

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More screening

Brussels airport chief executive officer Arnaud Feist said that “from Sunday morning, Brussels Airport should be partially operational”.

He said he was expecting to receive official authorisation for the reopening later in the day.

Passengers will only be able to get to the airport by car or taxi – the terminal is still closed to trains and buses.

Under the new security arrangements:

  • vehicles and passengers travelling to the temporary departures area will be screened on the access road
  • an additional police check and ID and boarding pass check will take place at the entrance to the temporary departures area. Those not flying will not be allowed in
  • passengers will then proceed towards the departure gates, undergoing the usual access and security controls

Image caption

Brussels airport posted details of the new arrangements on its website

Late on Friday Belgian officials reached a deal with police unions on enhanced security at the airport.

The dispute had delayed the reopening.

Mr Feist said he hoped the airport would get back up to full capacity in time for the start of the summer holidays at the end of June.

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