Amal Clooney Shows Off Frail Frame, But Is She Too Thin?

George and Amal Clooney

Is Amal Clooney too thin? George Clooney’s wife has a very small frame and has always been rather petite, but new photos of the attorney seem to show her looking very frail. According to Radar Online, Mrs. Clooney stepped out in New York City this week and showed off her super thin limbs. Wearing a mini sweater dress with knee-high boots, Amal’s arms looked “almost skeletal,” according to sources.

Amal Clooney has a very stressful job which could contribute to her thin frame, but many are curious to know if she’s unhealthy. The truth of the matter is that Amal has always been thin — her “pin thin” look is not something that is “new,” nor should it suggest that she’s depressed or going through some sort of a rough patch.

Of course, some things that Amal Clooney wears make her appear thinner and sometimes her outfits don’t do her any favors, but that doesn’t mean that she’s sickly or that she needs help.

Since Amal stepped on to the scene (meaning since she started dating George Clooney), she has been hassled about her weight. She has been in numerous tabloids and has been picked apart because she’s so thin. Not to mention the other ridiculous rumors that plague her from week to week.

If Amal isn’t pregnant, she’s getting a divorce. If she’s not too thin, she’s having a baby and if she’s not having a baby, she’s bossing her husband around. And these rumors just go in circles. Fortunately, Amal doesn’t pay too much attention to the nonsense. She’s quite smart and she reportedly has a great relationship with George. And that’s really all that matters.

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