These April Fools’ Day Office Pranks May Tick Off Your Boss — Try Them On Your Co-Workers Instead

april fools day 2016

Searching for April Fools’ Day office pranks to pull on your boss or co-workers? The annual holiday for pranksters is celebrated on Friday, April 1, a day that will be filled with hoaxes and practical jokes.

There are dozens of ideas for those who are planning on shaking things up in the office on Friday. You may not want to prank your boss if you’re expecting a raise soon — stick to the employees who have a sense of humor.

Have a morning meeting planned for April 1? Why not bring in a dozen donuts and fill them with hot sauce? 

Want to play it safe? Use mayo instead.

Turn the contrast on your co-worker’s computer screen down to the lowest setting so their screen appears to be broken. They may thank you for giving them some time off while they wait for someone to check out the problem.

Get to work early on Friday and cover several office phones with rubber bands. You may not want to do this to the switchboard phone if you value your job.

april fools jokes

Have a little extra time and money? Cover just about everything in your boss’ office with tin foil. If you think your boss will flip out, do this to a co-worker instead.

If filling donuts with hot sauce or mayo seems a little extreme, put some veggies in a donut box instead. At least this prank is edible.

Tape an air horn to the bottom of an adjustable office chair — or every one of them for the full effect.

This not-so-tasty April Fools’ Day joke is perfect for the office break room. Expect payback.

Not everyone will think your pranks are funny. Check out some tips from the Wall Street Journal on how to pull of an April Fools’ Day prank without going too far in the video below. You don’t want to spend your weekend looking for a new job — or do you?

Need more ideas? Head over to for more April Fools’ Day fun.

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