Lazio v Roma

Rome's Stadio Olimpico

Roma and Lazio share the 70,000-capacity Stadio Olimpico

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Supporters of Lazio and Roma say they will boycott Sunday’s Rome derby in protest over increased security measures at the Stadio Olimpico.

The venue holds 70,000 but the eighth-versus-third Serie A game could be watched by just a few thousand fans.

A section of Roma fans plan to be at the club’s old headquarters in the suburb of Testaccio during the match.

Some Lazio fans will also miss the derby, once one of Europe’s most passionate.

Both groups are angry because the civil defence service has ordered the areas behind the goal to be divided by concrete barriers for security measures.

A letter representing a section of Lazio fans criticised the new measures which include, among other things, the possibility of supporters being fined for sitting in the wrong seat.

The letter asks: “Who, among those who made these decisions seated around a table, knows that people change places just because the seat is dirty, or the seat number is missing or has been worn away?”

Around 50,000 fans have watched the derby in recent seasons but fans boycotted the fixture in November, when Roma won 2-0, although no official attendance was given.


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