Guy Strikes Out On Dating App After Questioning This Girl’s Love Of Baseball

Megan Brown

New York-based blogger Megan Brown recently met a guy on a dating app and was promply questioned about her self-professed love of baseball, and (much to his apparent chagrin), he got served.

Megan, a Milwaukee Brewers fan, was contacted via text message by a gentleman suitor (read: an arrogant douche) who saw her profile and learned that she’s a big baseball fan and then promptly questioned her about it.

“You say you like baseball. I’ve never met a girl who likes baseball,” he wrote, apparently never having been to a Major League ballpark before, where there are plenty of female fans.

Megan corrected him by replying, “*love,” as in, she really loves the game.

What happens next is your typical case of open mouth, insert foot.

“It seemed pretty condescending plus it was something SO basic it was kind of insulting,” she told Uproxx. “Instead of responding with the [list of] teams or ignoring, I decided to have a little fun.

“I love baseball I love puns, so at the very least I knew I would make myself laugh. He STILL hasn’t responded.”

Dude probably should’ve checked out Megan’s twitter page first — she’ll be at the New York Yankees’ opening day game and at one of the games on opening weekend for the Mets.

Unfortunately, Megan didn’t share the identity of the guy, so he’s the only person who knows he blew a chance with a good looking woman who loves baseball. Talk about striking out.

The 2016 Major League Baseball season gets underway this Sunday.

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