Eclectic Texan Band Prophets and Outlaws Deliver On EP ‘V’

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Sometimes the word eclectic can be overused – isn’t eclecticism the M.O. for many a musician these days? Perhaps, but only in certain circumstances or rather certain acts does the characterization best fit. In the case of Texan band Prophets and Outlaws, the eclectic stamp fits their style perfectly. Each and every song on their latest EP V seems as if it simply can’t be solely confined to one genre. That is the beauty of V and the band in the bigger picture. 

“Show Me” is a brilliant opening salvo, embracing soul from the downbeat. The sound clearly yearns back to the past – the guitars, the organ, and all facets of the production. Frontman Matt Boggs pipes are incredibly nuanced, sporting an eclectic mix of soul, country, and rock cues. There’s a bluesy nature that permeates from Boggs attracts the listener, showing legit authenticity and emotional investment. What about the song itself? Well penned by all means.

“Lonely” retains the soulful vigor that made the opener appealing, but also smartly moves beyond it in favor of a pop/rock countrified sound, most apparent upon the energetic chorus. This provides contrast and shows the musical restlessness of Prophets and Outlaws, hence not pigeonholing them as being the least bit one-dimensional. “Show Me” gets the edge if only slightly – “Lonely” is great in its own right. 

“Party Like This” benefits from its angular, maliciously infectious riff (what a mouthful!). The production is arguably a smidge on the heavy side during the chorus, but certainly typical of rock music. So to recap, what’s the rub? – A wall of guitar covers Boggs’ vocals. Wait, a minute…being covered by a “wall of guitar” isn’t a bad thing! Verdict? – Definitely, a “party” everyone will want to go to! 

“Outlaw Like Me” fuses country and soul masterfully, giving V a fantastic slow jam.   Something that bodes well in this cut’s favor is the fact that the band knows not to prolong it. Sitting pretty under four minutes, “Outlaw Like Me” is among the crème de crème – the “cat’s meow.” “We’re Gunna Make It” concludes V satisfactorily, with those signature pipes of Boggs doing “all the talking” – rather “all the singing.” Rocking, rollicking country music at its best! 

All in all, Prophets and Outlaws deliver an enjoyable effort with their latest EP. For those show haven’t been ‘blessed’ by the music of this eclectic collective, V clearly shows Boggs and company have a ‘boatload’ of potential, no questions asked. EP V hopefully is only the beginning for these dudes who deserve wider recognition without question. 

Favorites: “Show Me,” “Lonely” and “Outlaw Like Me”


Prophets and Outlaws • V – EP • Seven Set Jam • Release Date: 3.25.16


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