Ariana Grande Wants To Join Taylor Swift’s ‘Girl Squad’

“Dangerous Woman” singer Ariana Grande has revealed that she would be honored to join Taylor Swift’s girl squad because the women are “really nice”.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, Grande explained that Swift’s friends are a great mix of strong and emotionally intelligent women, and she would definitely say yes to being pals with them:

“All those girls are really nice. I would just be so down. Do you have to do anything weird to get in?” she remarked.

Grande, meanwhile, recently called for men to stop using sexist language in their lyrics and told Britain’s Daily Mirror that there’s such a double standard.

“When men talk about women in songs it’s like, ‘Oh hell yeah, hos and b***hes’,” she said.

“And if a girl makes a song about a break up then it’s like ‘Wow, I can’t believe she did that’, or What a sl*t.’ Whether it’s the music industry or real-life we need to break the standard and it needs to go away soon,” Grande said seriously.

The 22-year-old singer and songwriter also revealed on the British television show Alan Carr Chatty Man that she was almost crushed by a moving stage during a concert in February 2015.

“Opening night of my Honeymoon tour I almost died,” Grande divulged. “For real, I’m not exaggerating. I usually exaggerate, but I’m not.”

She continued, “You know how they have those toaster things where people come up from the stage and you pop up? Something happened with mine and I was singing the beginning of ‘Love Me Harder’ and I was going up on the thing, and long story short, the thing I was standing on had this wooden plank and it snapped!”

In the end, thankfully, the diva escaped without a scratch.

“The thing was still going up so I was being pushed against the stage, and it was some Indiana Jones s–t, and it was really scary. I had to Superman myself out of the thing, and my guitar guy helped me get out, and then I went on stage a different way. It was really scary,” Grande stated.


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