NFL Team Asked Jalen Mills Whether He Would Use A Knife Or Gun To Murder Someone

Jalen Mills

LSU safety Jalen Mills says an NFL team asked him ‘If you wanted to kill a guy, would you kill him with a gun or a knife?’ at the NFL Combine during his team interview.

That’s not normal. That’s not a normal question to ask somebody.

It would seen like there wouldn’t be a correct answer to that question, rather, it is one of those “how you answer it” questions. But, that’s not the case. Mills says that the team believed if he selected the knife, it would mean he was “killing for fun” because you have to stab somebody multiple times to actually kill them. It would suggest enjoyment in the murder. The gun is the correct answer because it’s quick, and according to the NFL, less enjoyable. 

That’s some NFL logic for ya… 

The vetting teams do in the NFL is above and beyond that of any other sport league. NFL teams are known to ask everybody in a player’s life about him before drafting him. Scouts will talk not only to friends, family, and coaches but to cleaning staff and trainers. 

Earlier this month, former Ohio St. cornerback Eli Apple said that during his interview with the Atlanta Falcons, a team assistant asked him if he liked men.

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