Listening To Sad Music Helps You Grieve, Study Finds

Crying Woman

Researchers have found that listening to sad songs helps people grieve more effectively as opposed to listening to happy music.

During times of crisis, people turn to sadder, more emotional songs even though they enjoy happy music more.

Annemieke Van den Tol from De Montfort University Leicester in the UK, explained (via the Deccan Herald): “Sadness often involves emotional loss, which is not a problem which can be solved or reversed.

“The only real way to move on and feel better is by accepting the situation and we found that people were able to do this by listening to sad music, but not so much by listening to happy music.

“When we asked people about their sad music choices, participants were allowed to respond with regards to any sad songs or piece of music they believed to sound sad.” 

The study included 450 people experiencing a range of emotions and circumstances. Researchers found that most people agreed that they listened to sad music for consolation and when negative feelings were “overwhelming.”

Van den Tol added, “Ultimately, this study shows that even though many people prefer listening to happy music in general, they find sad music helps them deal with sadness more often.

“By connection to the sad emotions in the music, they are able to turn negative emotions into something more peaceful, allowing them to move on and accept these.”

See the study here.

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