Bill Clinton’s Former Alleged Mistress: Hillary Clinton Had ‘Several Abortions,’ But Kept Chelsea To Further Career

Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton’s alleged mistress, Sally Miller, claims that Hillary had “several abortions” and only decided to keep Chelsea after Bill convinced her it would benefit their political careers.

Daily Caller reports that Miller told American Mirror that political analysts told them if they were to ever move up in politics, they needed to have a child. To hear Miller tell it, the analyst purportedly said: “They’ve got to see her [Hillary] as a human.”

“I think in society, they always say, ‘if you were a mother, you can’t be half bad,’ you know,” Miller added. “There has to be some love or gentleness or compassion within you if you’ve birthed a child, but that’s not true.”

The former president’s allged mistress claimed in February that Hillary was a lesbian.

This was just before she was to release her tell-all book, The Beauty Queen: Let No Deed Go Unpublished. She said she took Bill Clinton at his word and he told her his wife “liked females more than men.” This was somehow related to the notion that “she was the child of a more progressive community.” The former secretary of state was “exposed to all the liberals, she was a flower child” who “does drugs too.”

Hillary Clinton is pro-abortion, but so are many Democratic politicians. Do you believe she had “several abortions” and decided to have daughter Chelsea to help further the careers of herself and her husband?

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