Is Snooki Pregnant? Nicole Polizzi And Gionni LaValle Dish On Baby Number Three

Snooki Pregnant

Although Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi still loves to flash a little leopard print from time-to-time, a lot has changed since her days on MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore.

The 28-year-old mother of two currently appears alongside her husband, Gionni LaValle on the FYI show Nicole Jionni’s Shore Flip and if that’s not enough to keep the couple busy, they are ready to expand their family.

Nicole gave birth to her first son, Lorenzo, in August 2012, followed by a beautiful baby girl, Giovanna, in September 2014. Now they are talking about having a third child and they already have names picked out.

Snooki tells E! News that they are ready for number three, but “not like tomorrow.” Before that happens, she has just one request that might be difficult to fill — she wants the baby to be a boy. 

“I don’t want any more girls.” Snooki tells E! “If I have a girl, I’m just going to be really upset about it.”

Yikes. If the couple’s third baby turns out to be a girl, hopefully she will forget that she really wants a boy, but she seems to have it all planned out — even her future son’s name. 

What will Nicole name her third child if she gets her wish and it’s a boy? So far, she’s come up with Frankie, Rocco, and Dino. 

If her husband Gionni has a preference for a son or daughter, he didn’t mention it, but Nicole states that he “wants to have one right now.”


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