Von Miller Being Fined By Witney Carson For Farting On ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Von Miller

Von Miller’s “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Witney Carson, has started fining him for farting in rehearsals. 

As you can see by the video, Carson’s fines are justified. Miller says that his gas is actually working to Carson’s financial advantage:

“At this point, I think she’s taking advantage of it.”

Carson and Miller seem to have become very good friends since being paired together, however, they have been getting up for rehearsals as early as 6:00AM, according to Miller’s Snapchat stories. They were recently seen together at the “Bachelor After Show.” Carson has also shown up at events like the Sports Spectacular in Los Angeles with her husband to support Miller. 

The idea to fine Miller comes from the Denver Broncos. The team has taken similar action to Carson in the past, slapping Miller with a fine when he would pass gas during team meetings. 

After winning them the Super Bowl, Miller is reportedly asking the Broncos for $22 million in annual salary. The Bleacher Report reports two NFL general managers believe Miller could easily receive $24 million to 25 million a year if he becomes a free agent. So, he can afford the fines. 


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