Donald Trump Says Ted Cruz Bought Rights To Nude Melania Trump Photo

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Donald Trump is blasting rival Ted Cruz and his campaign for purchasing the rights to the nude photo of Melania Trump used in an anti-Trump super-PAC ad last week in Utah. The image was from a 2000 photo shoot with British GQ magazine.

Trump appeared on “This Week” Sunday morning and didn’t mince words when he suggested Cruz purchased the rights to the photo, The Hill reports.

“From what I hear, he and his campaign went out and bought the cover shoot,” Trump said.

He continued, “But it was a cover story for ‘GQ,’ a big magazine. And it was, you know, fine. And from what I hear, somebody bought the rights to it and he was the one or his campaign bought the rights and they gave it to the super-PAC.”

Donald Trump insists Ted Cruz knew about the ad and that he was aware of what the super-PAC was up to when the photo was posted in ad on Facebook of Melania appearing somewhat provocative in the photo. It was meant to play on the morals of Mormons and who they’d like to see as the nation’s first lady. The image read: “Meet Melania Trump. Your new first lady.” The bottom of the image continued, “Or you can vote for Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”

One day after the incident, Donald Trump fired back hard via Twitter in his warning against Cruz … threatening to “spill the beans” about his wife, Heidi Cruz. A second tweet came in the form of an unflattering photo of Heidi next to Melania. Trump captioned it: “A picture is worth a thousands words.”

Cruz firmly denies the accusations Trump has made and asserted his anger towards the GOP front-runner for his attacks on Heidi.

Trump adds that the super-PAC that produced the ad is “very friendly to Ted Cruz.”

“He knew all about it, 100 percent,” Trump said. “There’s no way in a million years that super-PAC did that without his absolute knowledge.”

Ted Cruz campaign spokeswoman, Catherine Frazier, said the campaign didn’t buy the photo rights.

“Of course we haven’t and Trump knows it,” she said in an email to The Hill. “But [it’s] part and parcel for the sleazy, dishonest campaign he is running.”


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