Margaret Cho Runs Off Her Audience With Story Of Rape And Ripping White People

Margaret Cho

Comedienne Margaret Cho managed to upset and entire audience by after she talked about being a rape victim and tore into whites. Her schtick didn’t impress anyone at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, New Jersey on Saturday night.

According to TMZ, the site that obtained the video seen below, Cho began on the wrong foot when she went on about her rape and touching on Garry Shandling’s death.

She unwisely moved on to a racist topic … stating that whites have it easy. If that wasn’t bad enough, Margaret Cho made several gay jokes. At least one such punchline resulted in two men in the audience getting into a fight.

Eventually, the audience had enough of Cho’s show and a mass exodus ensued. One seriously put out audience member shouted, “This is comedy before Easter?? Rape, rape, rape?”

TMZ was told by eyewitnesses that Cho called some of the people leaving her show, racists and overprivileged white people. She blurted out, “You will never get a cent of the money back that you paid.”

Margaret Cho took to Twitter after the incident … citing jet lag as the reason for her bad show.

In one tweet, Margaret responded to a fan by writing: “Actually for ONCE-I wasn’t high. ‘Twas jetlag! I just think that survivors of abuse should speak their truth I do!”

She saw nothing wrong with talking rape during her routine, however.

In another tweet, Margaret urged rape victims to not feel fear in talking about the abuse they’ve suffered and that there’s no shame in being a survivor.

What’s your opinion of Margaret Cho using her comedic platform to talk about her rape and spark controversy by telling white people they have it easier than everyone else?

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