Jax Taylor Getting Botox Fit: Is He Spending His Money On Plastic Surgery?

Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor has gone through various plastic surgeries while filming Vanderpump Rules. He’s done various nose jobs while filming the show and it sounds like he’s very interested in how he looks. He has even taken his friends to the doctors with him, but they don’t always see the changes. While Andy Cohen referred to Scheana Shay being the one who likes to get Botox, it sounds like he should have referred to Taylor himself. 

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor stopped by a plastic surgeon to get some Botox shots – or as he likes to call them “a little touch up.” “Stop by to get a little touch up from the boys at Plastix Docs. Thanks Dr. John #beverlyhillsplasticsurgery,” Taylor revealed on social media, sharing a picture of himself getting Botox shots in the forehead and face.

The Vanderpump Rules special that aired on Bravo last week did reveal that all of the servers were barely able to pay rent when the camera crew arrived at SUR. Some of the stars were not able to pay rent unless they worked a certain amount of hours. Plus, they were trying to balance being a worker at SUR and trying out for various movie roles, acting jobs and modeling gigs. Some even tried to balance being a server and in a rock band.

But now that the workers have an extra income from the reality show, it sounds like they are able to pay the rent, indulge a little in various luxuries, such as new cars, and it sounds like Jax is going all out on the self improvement looks. He’s gotten several nose jobs since he started filming the show and now he’s getting some touch-up Botox. 

What do you think of Jax Taylor getting Botox? Do you think he’s spending his money wisely?

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