‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Tells Quinn That His Memory Is Coming Back

The Bold and the Beautiful

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Monday, March 28 leak that Liam’s memory is starting to come back and that Katie has a heart-to-heart talk with Bill about her depression.

According to a sneak peek video released, Liam tells Quinn that he’s starting to remember more about his past, but wants her help in moving it along. At this point, Liam isn’t clearly identifying Steffy and the only photos he goes by are the ones of Quinn’s face superimposed on Steffy’s body.

It’s only a matter of time until Quinn is caught. Charlie is already suspicious of Quinn being the last one to see Liam after watching surveillance video in which she was seen in the Forrester parking lot with him when he collapsed. She managed to weasel herself out of being put on the spot when Wyatt confronted her about it. Quinn is getting more and more anxious and soon the world will be closing in on her. Who knows what she’ll do when she finds herself cornered.She already pushed Deacon over a cliff because he knew too much. Chances are he’s not dead, but Quinn intended to murder him.

In other “Bold and Beautiful” spoilers, Katie talks to Bill about her visits with the therapist. She shares with him that her depression is exasperated by the drinking and vows to stop.

Another spoilers preview shows Katie’s insecurity getting the best of her again when she believes Bill and Brooke are flirting with one another. She becomes unraveled at the sight of both of them in the same room. How far will this go for Katie?


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