Katherine Bailess Dishes On ‘Hit The Floor’ Season 3

Hit The Floor

The season finale of VH1’s Hit the Floor is just days away. That means it’s the perfect time to look back on all the craziness that’s happened in Season 3, and Starpulse sat down with scene stealer Katherine Bailess to talk about the wild ride it’s been for her character Kyle Hart.

“It’s been insane,” she laughed. “I’ve gone from shooting a movie, to telling a guy I love him, to now choreographing my own dance which was nuts. Now my wifey [Raquel, played by Valery Ortiz] is very sick, so it’s been a whirlwind. As an actress, it was a whirlwind. I was like, ‘Holy crap. How much more can y’all give me?’ I love it, though. It’s such a blessing. I’m so lucky.”

But as Hit the Floor fans know, Kyle is probably the character most likely to get involved in something over the top or out of control, and Season 3 has been no exception to that tendency. Asked which moments in this season have been her favorite Katherine told us just how much she’s gotten into.

“I really love the episode where I was shooting the movie, Fifty Shades of Kyle,” she said. “It was fun to try to play a bad actress. I think I did pretty good. I got to kiss a girl on TV. That was something new for me.

“Then of course, this last episode [“Upset”] was super hard as a human being, because of the cherry bomb dance,” she continued. “That was the toughest dances I’ve ever done because obviously I was the center of attention.

“I think the choreographers were like, oh yeah. We’re just going to get all of her gymnastics skills, and all of her splits, and acrobatics. I’m like y’all are going to break me,” she laughed. “You should have seen the bruises on my arms. It’s rewarding at the end of the day to see it on TV and just be like, oh my god.”

Yet Katherine’s a tough cookie who never lets anything slow her down. Whereas other actors might use their hiatus to get some rest, especially after working that hard, she’s got other projects in the works. She’ll be guest-starring in a totally different show next month.

“I just did an episode of Bones back in November. It’s going to air in April,” she told us. “That was super fun, because obviously it’s on a whole different network. There’s a whole different vibe. It was great. Some of the cameramen have worked on our show before, so I’d be like oh hey, I know everybody here too.'”

“The funny thing about that guest star was I auditioned for it the week before Thanksgiving. I went home on that Sunday. Then that Monday they said, we have good news and bad news. You booked it, but you’ve got to be here on Wednesday,” she recalled. “I’m like, are you kidding me?” I wasn’t supposed to work until the week after Thanksgiving, so I had to fly back to Los Angeles for a day, shoot it, and then take a red-eye back for Thanksgiving to be with my family.”

Katherine and her friends also have their own web series, called Sh%t Southern Women Say, on YouTube. You can check out one of the episodes below:

But for all of her many endeavors, Hit the Floor has been something of a dream job for her. “I’ve appreciated and loved every single job I’ve ever done,” she told us, “but I’ve always wanted something where I could do comedy, and be southern, and add in the sexy and all that.”

As much as the show has allowed audiences to take more notice of how talented Katherine is and all of the things that she can do, she’s also taken a few things away from playing TV’s most lovably outrageous cheerleader as well.

“Kyle’s boosted my confidence as a human being, because people are like, oh you’re so much like Kyle. I’m like no, I’m not. I don’t go out there and say the things she says. I have a filter,” she continued. “It’s so cool too as an actress because I’ve not only gotten to do the comedy but I’ve gotten to do drama as well. It’s been so fun.”

“Honestly, we are crossing our fingers and just praying to the TV gods that we get picked up for season four,” she laughed, “because Lord knows what they have in store for us next year!”

The season finale of Hit the Floor airs Monday at 10 p.m. on VH1.

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