Jennifer Lopez Says Failed Marriage To Marc Anthony Was Her ‘Biggest Disappointment’

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez recently opened up about her failed marriage to Marc Anthony, calling it her “biggest disappointment” in life. The American Idol judge said that filing for divorce from Anthony was “devastating and awful,” according to People Magazine.

“I think both Marc and I thought at the time we would be together for the next 40 years until we die. [It was] the biggest disappointment of my life so far,” Lopez said. “I felt like at that time I had lost my way a little bit, of who I was in trying to make the marriage [work],” she added.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony seemed very much in love for many years, but they couldn’t hang on to their marriage for personal reasons. The two are great friends today and have two beautiful children together, twins Max and Emme, 8.

Althought Lopez didn’t want her marriage to end, she knew that’s what needed to happen. She went through the motions, but ultimately decided it was time to leave.

“I had been married twice before and I didn’t want this to be a failure … I just put all my heart and soul into that and forgot who I was as an individual a little bit. It was the right thing [to divorce],” Lopez said.

The 46-year-old has been dating her former back-up dancer, Casper Smart, for quite some time now. He is very close to her children and has been a positive person in her life. Will she ever get married again? Who knows.

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