Hugh Jackman Saves Son And Daughter From Riptide In Australia, Star’s Rep Plays Down Incident

hugh jackman

Actor Hugh Jackman rescued his son and daughter from a riptide in Australia while swimming on Saturday.

Gossip Cop reports that Jackman and his two kids were swimming at Bondi Beach in Sydney. Jackman’s 15-year-old son, Oscar, and 10-year-old daughter, Ava, were in imminent danger and their father could see things were about to get hairy. 9 News captured some of the incident on tape, as seen below. 

Jackman is first seen pulling a man to safety while he’s holding on tight to Ava. Jackman then returns to the water to get Oscar.

Peter Adam was the man seen with Jackman; he tells the news outlet, “He wasn’t rescuing me. I was assisting him to get his daughter up to the sandbar. He then grabbed my hand to get us up. He then went to get his son.”

As 9 News reports, Jackman was warning other swimmers about the riptide to get out of the water. Lifeguards were buzzing around on jet skis to rescue others in the water threatened by the tide. Not long after Hugh Jackman saved his son and daughter, the beach was later shut down.

Jackman hasn’t brought up the incident on social media at this point. Chances are he’s not going to make a big deal out the riptide event. His rep, Michele Schweitzer, is playing down the incident. She said: “Hugh and Oscar are 100 percent fine, as is the other gentleman. It looks a lot more dramatic than it actually was.” 

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