‘Boyband’: Sam Griffen On Writing The Sensational Season 2


Boyband is easily one of the funniest web series on the Internet, so how did it get to be a home run? For that, our interview series continues as we chat with Sam Griffen, whose writing talents were put to use for the adventures of this adorable quintet hoping to make it big in the music biz.

“I really liked the idea of a mockumentary series,” he said of what made him sign on to the project after it was brought up to him by his aunt, producer-director Colleen Griffen. “I really enjoyed stuff like This Is Spinal Tap and The Office. So I knew I could try and do it and after I did a few sample scripts of ideas she had, then she just thought I should do the whole season.”

Of course, given how boy bands are either loved or hated, there was no shortage of potential material. “It’s been like 20 years or so that boy bands have been kind of the butt of a lot of jokes,” Sam explained, “so I think that one thing that was different [about Boyband] was the idea that these guys all have unique personalities. You can kind of see each of these guys as individual caricatures of real people and real aspiring artists.

“[There’s] the guy that thinks he’s too handsome and the guy who’s kind of the peacekeeper and the innocent one. There’s all these different personalities that you see not only in boy bands, but everyday life. I think we try to make it less about the boy band and more about each of those characters, that’s a different take on boy bands as a whole.”

One of the aspects that makes Boyband unique is that everyone involved in the project knows almost everyone else. Not only was Sam able to watch the first season before he started writing but he knew of the five actors he was writing for – which made his process much less complicated.

“I think having the first season they had made the summer before really helped,” he explained, “because they were such well defined characters and all those guys were really game for anything. They were all really embodying their characters at that time. By the time I had started writing it, I really knew how each of them would act in each of these situations, which was definitely a lot easier.”

“Some of the stuff I really had fun writing were things with the music producer [Animus],” Sam continued, “and just having the band interact with an outside party was a lot of fun because it gave them all a chance to react in the ways each of them would.

“It was fun having them go out and have these big meetings with these executives [who] know how the world works and are supposed to be these legends in the industry,” he continued, “and having these amateur guys who are kind of clueless and just are themselves all the time.”

Whether it’s an episode packed with guest stars or one with just the band, Sam was able to find the voice of Boyband and help carry it through to a second season that has become a deserved sensation. If they handed out records for web series, this one would be gold. Don’t miss it (and psst, we’ve included the most recent episode above!)

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