Study: The Richer A Man Gets, The Less Attractive He Finds His Partner

Rich Man

Women whose partners increase their income later on in their relationship may have something to worry about. The richer a man becomes or even feels, the less attractive he finds his wife or girlfriend, according to a new study.

College students in mainland China who were involved in steady, heterosexual relationships participated in two studies. In the first study, men who felt they had relatively more money were less satisfied with their partners’ physical attractiveness than those who had less money.

The results suggest that having more or less money “may affect men’s preferences regarding the physical appearance of a mate in a long-term relationship.”

Results from the second study suggest that “people who feel they have relatively more money may have more interest in an attractive alternative than those who feel they have relatively less money.”

This is not shocking. Several well-known people have traded in their first wives for much younger, more attractive women. That’s why you’ve got to give props to people like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who met his future wife as a sophomore at Harvard in 2003. They wed in 2012 (long after he became a millionaire). In 2015 they welcomed a daughter.


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