Berkeley Basketball Coach Fired For Trying To “Trick” Reporter Into Sex

Yann Hufnagel

Yann Hufnagel, an assistant men’s basketball coach for the University of California, Berkeley has been fired for sexually harassing a female reporter. She claims, he attempted to “trick” her into having sex with him. 

The university investigation determined Hufnagel had indeed violated the university’s Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy. 

Hufnagel told to school investigators that he had made sexual comments to a reporter. He also admitted that he tried to “‘trick her into going up to his apartment to have sex.” The reporter says when she refused, he cut off contact and fed her misinformation as punishment. In doing so, he made her unable to do her job. 

Furthermore, the investigation revealed head coach Cuonzo Martin had been informed by the reporter, via Twitter, of inappropriate behavior. She followed up on her complaint a month later, providing text messages between Hufnagel and herself. Six weeks later, university officials were made aware of the incident. 

In 2015, the reporter requested Hufnagel met her at a coffee shop after a basketball game. He suggested a bar. She agreed to go to a bar near campus where Hufnagel consumed alcohol and became too drunk to drive. The reporter drove him home after he asked her to. 

She said Hufnagel “directed her to park in a designated spot—an elevator-operated ‘lift’ spot which would have suspended her car above the ground.” She refused. 

According to the report: 

“Complainant said she did not park in the spot and felt Respondent was attempting to control her ability to leave. She recalled telling Respondent that she was just going to turn around; to which Respondent responded, ‘You’re coming up.’ Complainant said she said, ‘No. I’m going to leave now,’ but Respondent kept insisting. Complainant said she asked Respondent, ‘Are you thinking that I’m going to have sex with you?’ to which Respondent said, ‘Yes.’”

The arguement lasted 15 minutes. During this time, “the garage door was closed behind them with her car inside and Respondent indicated that he did not intend to let her out of the garage.” She told investigators he attempted to trick her into going upstairs with him. 

Later that year, the reporter texted the coach again. He asked her to come to his apartment to “have a three-way.”

Hufnagel later said the text was a joke. He told investigators that “with no clear indication whatsoever from her to stop the behavior, it would be, truthfully, almost impossible to conclude that these types of ‘locker room messages’ were unwanted.”

Hufnagel issued a statement on Twitter, claiming the report contains misinformation. 

He also posted a series of tweets, denying the claims made against him. 

The entire report is available here

(h/t Buzzfeed). 

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