Rolling Stone Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

Hillary Clinton

Rolling Stone is with her. 

The pop culture publication published an editorial Wednesday announcing its support for Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton. Longtime Rolling Stone editor and publisher Jann S. Wenner authored the piece. 

“Hillary Clinton has an impressive command of policy, the details, trade-offs and how it gets done. It’s easy to blame billionaires for everything, but quite another to know what to do about it,” Wenner wrote.

That line about billionaires could be read as a shot at Clinton’s Democratic rival Bernie Sanders. While Wenner was careful to praise certain aspects of the Vermont senator’s campaign, he took issue with Sanders’ talk of using a “political revolution” to get his progressive agenda pushed through Congress.

“This is a vague, deeply disingenuous idea that ignores the reality of modern America,” Wenner wrote, adding, “I have been to the revolution before. It ain’t happening.” 

The Hill notes that Wenner acknowledged that Sanders is popular with young voters. This demographic likely also makes up a large part of Rolling Stone’s audience. Wenner acknowledged that America’s youths are attracted to “idealism, integrity and authenticity” but then pivoted back to Clinton.

“You get a sense of ‘authenticity’ when you hear Sanders talking truth to power, but there is another kind of authenticity, which may not feel as good but is vitally important, when Clinton speaks honestly about what change really requires,” he wrote.

In this writer’s opinion, Rolling Stone’s endorsement is newsworthy not just because of the prestige of the publication but also because the magazine has long been viewed as progressive and especially in its early days, as anti-establishment. On paper, Bernie Sanders looks and sounds like Rolling Stone’s kind of guy. Which makes the fact that Wenner came out so forcefully for Clinton a bit surprising.

Rolling Stone’s endorsement hit the Web after Clinton took the Arizona primary on Tuesday. Sanders put up a pretty good fight though, adding to his own delegate count with wins in Idaho and Utah.

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