Rihanna Passes The Mic To A Fan At Her Concert…What He Does Will Blow You Away


When Rihanna kicked off her Anti world tour, I don’t think she expected to find such a talented fan singing along to her performance. While hovering near the crowd for her performance of Four, Five Seconds,” she reached her microphone out to the crowd.

And one man seized the opportunity, belting out the lyrics in dramatic fashion. You can see by the look on her face that she did NOT expect this!

Take a look at the fan video here, and turn up the volume!

I’m sure she would have been more praising of his performance had she not had to get back to the rest of the song. We don’t know who that guy is…yet. But I would expect him to be making an appearance on Ellen before the end of next week.

I guess there was no shortage of camera phones rolling at this Rihanna show, because we’ve got another angle of the scene-stealing performance right here, compared to one of Beyonce’s fans taking center stage. 

Who do you think had the more talented fan? 

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