‘Gold Rush Alaska’ Is ‘Fake,’ Former Cast Member, Jimmy Dorsey, Reveals

gold rush

A former cast member of “Gold Rush Alaska” claims that the reality show is “fake.”
It seems to be a commonality that stars from different reality TV shows claim what viewers see on-screen is scripted. It’s hardly anything new, but it’s deceiving nonetheless if such claims are actually true.

According to Radaronline, Jimmy Dorsey, criticized the show for manipulating scenes by pushing storylines and directing the episodes. The program airs on Discovery Channel and just finished its sixth season.

Dorsey spoke with Oregon Gold about his experience on “Gold Rush” and insists that the show fake.

“It is scripted from the beginning,” he said. “They knew exactly what they wanted to see out of the program … they actually direct you in these situations.”

Dorsey said his abrupt exit from the show was planned by producers the whole time.

“It was in the script for episode four, which ended up being episode six, that I would end up leaving the show,” Dorsey added. “They kind of push you towards making these things happen. They would tell me to say, ‘We’ve got to get gold in 70 hours.’…Then they would say, ‘What are you going to do if you don’t get gold?’ They push you towards saying I was going to leave if we did not find gold. It was never my intention to leave.”

Todd Hoffman is still on the show and Dorsey said he would often act out in order to create drama while filming. In the interview, Dorsey goes on to say that Hoffman was willing to throw out a lot of relationships in his pursuit of fame and gold.

Jimmy Dorsey said he only earned a total of $3,000 for his entire time on “Gold Rush Alaska.” He said Hoffman made $1,000 for each episode.

Dorsey said he’s setting his sights on some hard rock mines in Oregon. He’s in the planning stages of it right now and consulting with investors.

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