Jax Taylor Wearing Bullet Proof Vest In Selfie

Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor is wrapping up this season of Vanderpump Rules and it sounds like he may be growing tired with the backlashes he’s getting. It’s no secret that Taylor is a controversial person and he does things sometimes that doesn’t really work with his friends. He lies, he lashes out and he cheats. And for some girls, he’s crushing their hearts. But Jax appears to be moving on and doing some things for himself. 

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor could be working on a movie, as he took a picture of himself in a bullet proof vest and hinted that he was on set. But that’s all he really revealed. “Time for lunch, but it’s war out in these parts so gotta keep my bullet proof vest on #SetLife #OnLocation,” Taylor revealed in the selfie.

While many of his co-stars on Vanderpump Rules are trying different things in the modeling and acting space, Taylor never really pursued secondary income while working at SUR. He got into trouble and seemed more eager to focus on women rather than on working. But maybe Brittany Cartwright is a positive influence on him. Not only did they get a bigger apartment together, but she could also be working with him to get out and get involved with a potential career in Hollywood.

Jax has previously revealed that he wasn’t watching Vanderpump Rules anymore, as he was busy with other things. It sounds like he’s filming the show, but isn’t taking the time to watch it back. It is very possible that he doesn’t want to relive some of the things that were said and done near the end of the season, which filmed a few months ago. Plus, Taylor was in court to deal with his arrest in Hawaii, something he isn’t proud of.

What do you think of Jax Taylor possibly filming a movie?

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