‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ Suffer In Ratings, Will Show Be Canceled?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Is “The Bold and the Beautiful” under the threat of being canceled? According to dismal ratings, this is being brought up.

Soap Opera Network shared the weekly ratings for February 29-March 4 and “The Bold and the Beautiful” was noticeably down. The CBS drama has faced a downturn in viewership within the past year and it’s of concern.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” lost 300,000 viewers during the week of Feb. 9 through March 4. Most of the viewers lost were in the key demographic of women ages 18 to 49. The numbers show that this is the lowest ratings have been in years, according to the Nielsen Live Plus Same Day ratings.  

While no one is pulling the plug on “BB” yet, it’s not good news for fans. There’s a chance things could turn around. There are a few storylines being bulked up with the temporary return of Kim Matula as Hope Logan. Liam is under the control of Quinn while his memory has left him. On Friday’s episode, Quinn pushed her ex-husband, Deacon, off a cliff even though she initially wanted to kill Liam. She’s playing a dangerous game and is reaching panic mode … a bad place for Quinn to be in.

Other storylines of late involve Brooke and Katie caught up in sibling rivalry over Bill once more, and Steffy’s engagement to Liam isn’t doing much to drive ratings.

Several scenes on “The Bold and the Beautiful” involve past scenes when a character experiences a flashback. Several of these scenes have been on previous episodes and are rehashed repeatedly. If Steffy reminisces about Liam, for example, their old scenes are replayed with background music.

The transgender storyline with Maya hasn’t helped the soap opera – nor has the one involving Ridge and Caroline secretly having Thomas’ baby.

What will bring the show back to life? Is there any chance “The Bold and the Beautiful” will be canceled unless things change sooner than later?

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