Lisa Vanderpump Feud: ‘RHOBH’ Star On The Defense After Eileen Davidson Makes Cruel Joke

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson might be the latest Housewives to be in a feud. According to

According to Radar Online, Lisa was upset with Eileen because she recently skipped out on a dog-related event, but Eileen says it was due to a scheduling conflict, not due to her having any hatred toward animals. However, some time later, Davidson decided to call attention to the whole thing by making a pretty snide joke.

“Next week all of us, and our issues, are packing up and headed to Dubai. I wonder if there are any dogs there I can murder?” Eileen wrote in a blog post.

Sources close to Lisa Vanderpump say that the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star wasn’t amused by the comment.

“Lisa and many of her fans were aghast after reading Eileen’s blog post. Making light of Lisa’s passion to stop the barbaric torture of dogs at the Chinese Yulin Festival is just going too far,” said a source. “Everyone who knows Lisa knows that she has had many sleepless nights over her efforts so save these dogs from being murdered,” the source added.

Those who are familiar with Lisa Vanderpump know that she absolutely loves animals. A “joke” about murdering dogs isn’t funny by any stretch and many feel that it was in poor taste for Eileen to write such a thing. Do you?


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