‘The Voice’: Katie Basden On Her ‘Rollercoaster’ Season 10 Debut

Katie Basden

Katie Basden had the most interesting introduction on The Voice in the history of the show. Thanks to the TV editing process and NBC’s decision to air a split episode on Monday, she was the last person to audition for Team Adam, then minutes later was eliminated in the battle rounds, and then got stolen for Team Blake.

Needless to say, that was pretty crazy. Starpulse spoke to Katie this week to ask her what it was like to see her Season 10 story unfold that way.

“It was very funny because they aired Blake [Shelton]’s last person right before me,” said Katie, who was watching Monday’s show with about 150 people at her church. “And so people were already very frustrated before my audition even aired, because they all wanted me to be on Team Blake!”

“Once I got on a team, everyone was obviously very excited,” she continued. “Then my and Ryan [Quinn]’s battle showed immediately after, which was crazy. And when Ryan won, the air like went out of the room.

“Everyone was so excited, they thought the battle was great…People are just hollering and immediately like the room went silent. And then, I mean it felt like an hour but it was only 30 seconds until [Carson Daly] was like, Katie’s available to steal and Christina [Aguilera] pushed her button and then Blake pushed his button.

“So it was just kind of like the very definition of a rollercoaster. Everyone was emotional. Everyone was crying. And it was just a very cool experience to experience it with a lot of my hometown.”

Thanks to the steal by Shelton, Katie will be on The Voice for at least one more round and the 23-year-old from Durham, North Carolina is just hoping that the audience finally gets to know her a little bit.

“I’m actually just really excited about this exposure,” she said, “and [Monday] night just felt extremely validating. There are a lot of people who support me, but I think they were kind of aloof in their mind that there’s a girl in Durham who’s really trying hard to be an artist. And so this was something that sort of kind of put this down in ink for everybody that like, we should get on board now because if we don’t, we’re going to miss it.

“And that was just very validating for me because I’ve been working hard. And this is just going to only boost that previous record [Release the Sound] and push me into a different spot to continue making more music.”

Katie Basden’s Release the Sound is now available on iTunes. The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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