Steph Curry’s Sister Gets Into It With Spurs Fans

Sydel Curry

Stephen Curry’s sister, Sydel attended the Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs game in San Antonio.

However, Sydel and her family were not welcomed into Texas with open arms. 

Like Golden State coach Steve Kerrr, Sydel isn’t used to her team being manhandled by opponents. The Warriors lost 87 – 79 to the Spurs. And, apparently, fans let Sydel know. 

At one point in the night, fans in the arena targeted Sydel’s mother, Sonya Curry.  

Golden State Warriors supporters had Curry’s back, offering to pay her bail money if things got too out of hand. 

Overall, Steph had a very bad night. He only shot 4-of-18 for 14 points. The Spurs guarded him very well and didn’t allow him to make his shots. There was a lot of material for Spurs fans to use against the Warriors. 

“The biggest thing tonight was, we were trying to exploit that spacing by shooting a bunch of perimeter shots,” Curry said. “That’s fine if they’re going in. But you know right away, missed my first three or so, struggled a little bit in that first quarter. You gotta be able to attack the basket a little bit more.”

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