Rob Kardashian Avoiding Kris Jenner, Doesn’t Attend His Own Birthday Party [Report]

Rob Kardashian

Is Rob Kardashian at odds with his mom, Kris Jenner?

According to Radar Online, Rob isn’t on the best of terms with his mom, who reportedly threw him a birthday party that he chose not to attend. Evidently there was some friction because Kris wanted to invite Rob’s sisters… some of whom (namely Kylie Jenner) aren’t huge fans of Blac Chyna (Jenner dates Blac’s ex and baby daddy, Tyga).

“Kris really wants to have a big party for Rob at her house tonight, and Rob told her that he was not going to celebrate his birthday without his girlfriend. Kris told him that she would absolutely like Blac to come, but that she would also have to invite the rest of Rob’s family, including all of his sisters,” said a source.

Rob Kardashian had reportedly been getting along more with his mom in recent months, but having family get-togethers has become rather tricky. It does seem as though Rob is the happiest that he has been in years, which is a great thing. If he wanted to spend his birthday with Blac Chyna, there’s really nothing abnormal or “wrong” about that. Many feel as though this is something that Kris Jenner is just going to have to understand.

“Rob would just rather spend [his birthday] with his girlfriend this year. He is not about to have his birthday turn into a dramatic situation, or an opportunity for Kris to let cameras roll on Kylie and Blac Chyna’s first face-to-face encounter,” said the source.

Are you happy that Rob Kardashian has found love with Blac Chyna?

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