Does Kandi Burruss Think There’s Truth To The Gay Rumors On ‘RHOA’?

Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss has been somewhat absent this season because of her pregnancy. She would leave parties early and she completely missed out on the cast trip to Jamaica. Of course, she’s been planning on an easy pregnancy and she has been taking it easy while filming the show. But she did catch the rumors that Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks were joking around about Kim Fields’ husband being gay. And according to a new report, Kandi Burruss is taking the same stance as NeNe Leakes.

“For me I hate that I missed the trip, but then I didn’t miss the drama because I’m glad I wasn’t apart of the whole thing where they were talking about Kim’s husband and I wasn’t even there for it so thank you,” Kandi has revealed about the entire trip to Jamaica, adding, “I feel like anything that’s in the press about one of us, they’re gonna talk about it. And, apparently, I don’t know if that was something that was in the blogs, I have no idea. I never Googled them or their situation.”

Even if she thought that Kim Fields’ husband was gay, she doesn’t think that it is in their interests to talk about it. And she doesn’t understand where these rumors are coming from.

“I don’t think he’s gay,” Kandi said when asked about Christoper Morgan’s sexuality. “He seemed really cool and laid back to me, but I don’t know anybody from his past. I didn’t work with them. So I’m not speaking on what Kenya had to say about it. I hate it because I know when people say something about my husband, that’s a trigger for me. So I can only imagine how Kim felt. They’ve been married for a long time. They’ve been together for a long time, so I don’t know what you could say about two people who are obviously happily married.”

It is admirable that Burruss is staying out of the drama. What do you think of Kandi Burruss’ comments? Are you surprised that she isn’t slamming Kenya more than she is?


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