Heather Clem Tearful And Scared During Hulk Hogan Trial

Heather Cole

While her former husband, Bubba the Love Sponge refuses to testify, Heather Cole gave a taped deposition for a Florida jury in Hulk Hogan’s civil suit against Gawker Media. 

Cole, then Clem, is Hogan’s partner in the sex tape he is suing the online media outlet for publishing. 

Cole says she was not aware she was being filmed with Hogan. She was upset when the tapes became public. After her ex showed her the tape, she requested that they be destroyed. 

“I felt more embarrassed,” she said of Hogan’s public comments about the tape. “I wanted it to go away.”

Cole says she agreed to sleep with Hogan at her husband’s behest in 2006. This contradicts Hogan’s statement that Cole had hounded him for sex.

Cole says she slept with Hogan at her husband’s request. 

“Did Mr. Clem generally pick who you had sex with?” Cole was asked during the deposition shown to the Florida jury.

“On the occasion that I had sex with someone other than him, yes,” Cole replied.

Cole paints a nasty picture of her marriage to Clem. She implies he berated her when angry. 

Cole says she did not agree to being filmed. However, she knew there were cameras in her bedroom. 

The tape was recorded via a home security system. Cole claims she is not the person who leaked the tapes to Gawker.  

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