Ravens CB Tray Walker Has Passed Away From Injuries Sustained In Dirt Bike Crash

Tray Walker

As reported by ESPN, Baltimore Ravens cornerback Tray Walker passed away on Friday in a Florida hospital due to injuries sustained in a dirt bike accident in Liberty City on Thursday evening. He was 23 years old. 

Walker was reportedly heading west on Northwest 75th Street around 7:50 pm on a dirt bike before he collided with a Ford Escape at the intersection of Northwest 75th and Northwest 21st Avenue. According to Walker’s agent, Ron Butler, his client was not wearing a helmet. 

Following the accident, the driver of the Ford Escape reportedly stayed on the scene and cooperated with detectives. Walker was reportedly riding with another NFL player who was not at the scene of the accident when police arrived. Butler did not know the identity of the other NFL player reportedly with Walker at the time of the accident. 

The Ravens and many of their players took to social media to voice their heartbreak on the loss of Walker following the release of the news that he had passed away.

Obviously, a very sad story, especially considered Walker’s young age of 23. A player with such promise for the future having their life taken far too early is never anything that anybody wants to see happen to any player or team. Hopefully, whoever the NFL player is who was reportedly with Walker at the time of the accident, does the right thing and comes forward in order to assist police in their investigation of the crash. 

Maybe the eeriest part of this entire situation is this piece by ESPN which discusses a “locker room curse” that the Ravens had during the 2015 season. The “curse” was in the alignment of lockers given to Ravens players as Terrell Suggs, Steve Smith Sr, Breshad Perriman, Justin Forsett, and Chris Canty (all suffered season-ending injuries one after another in 2015) all had their lockers right next to one another. The next player in that alignment of lockers was Tray Walker, who stated that he was hoping and praying that nothing bad would happen to him.

“Someone asked me if I wanted to move my locker. We’re going to knock on all of this wood in here and pray and hope nothing happens.” 

Sadly, Walker was unable to avoid the curse, and he has now paid the ultimate price. Walker was a fourth-round pick out of Texas Southern in 2015 and was about to enter his second season in the NFL. #RIPTray #25

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