Add ‘Getting Burned By Siri’ To The List Of Bad Cleveland Browns Moments


As first reported by WEWS in Cleveland, Siri, the popular automated voice assistant software made by Apple, is the latest person/product to bash the Cleveland Browns. If you go on your iPhone and ask Siri to find or show you sadness in Cleveland, Ohio, it will present a map of FirstEnergy Stadium (home of the Browns).


Throughout the years, there have certainly been a lot of moments where people have watched a Cleveland Browns game or highlight/lowlight and said to themselves “well thank God we aren’t that.” Siri equivalating FirstEnergy Stadium to “sadness,” is the ultimate burn on the Cleveland Browns as well as being the ultimate “thank God we aren’t that” moment for fans of other teams. 

The Cleveland Browns are known by many as being the losers of the NFL, and their fans are forced to endure year after year of heartbreak, pain and yes, sadness. Browns fans have considered FirstEnergy Stadium to be a “Factory Of Sadness” for quite some time, just ask this poor guy:

Siri coming out and labeling FirstEnergy Stadium as the capital of sadness in the city of Cleveland may seem a bit mean, but is anybody really willing to argue with Siri on this one? The Cleveland Browns are one of the worst franchises in the history of not only the NFL but in all of professional sports. Year after year the Browns disappoint their fans by either going 3-13, drafting a complete drunk like Johnny Manziel, or they lose on a blocked kick returned for a touchdown on the game’s final play like they did against Baltimore back in November on Monday Night Football:

Labeling FirstEnergy Stadium as the symbol of sadness in the city of Cleveland may seem a little bit harsh, but it really is hard to argue with Siri and Apple on this one, especially after the horrendous season the Browns just had in 2015. Maybe one day Siri will equivalate FirstEnergy Stadium with terms such as “winning” or “championships,” but don’t count on that happening anytime soon. Siri labeling the Browns home as “sadness” is so Browns it hurts. 

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