Mick Foley And Daughter Noelle Reportedly Getting A WWE Network Show

Mick and Noelle Foley

Former WWE superstar Mick Foley and his daughter Noelle are reportedly getting their own television show on the WWE network. 

PWInsider reports that the pilot has already been filmed

“We are told that a pilot for the show is already completed, is said to be very funny, and that the company is working on plans for the series right now.  Foley had a stand-up comedy special on the WWE Network previously, but we are told this is more in line with the weekly series Edge and Christian have on the Network right now.”

Noelle is said to be heavily featured in the show but it will be mainly Mick’s. She’s currently working towards a career in modelling, sharing that she would appear in Playboy, which is now non-nude. However, Noelle might continue on in the family business as the heir to her father’s wrestling throne. Noelle recently told TMZ that she has something in the works with the WWE and that she’s into wrestling.

Noelle shared with TMZ that the chance of her going into the WWE as a non-wrestler are high: 

“Chances are pretty high. Right now I’m trying to get into modeling…”

“I do some interviewing now and some hosting on YouTube, so definitely be open to do that for WWE… something is in the works, so keep your eyes open.” 

Noelle wouldn’t be alone in the promotion. Her long-time boyfriend is the WWE’s Frank The Clown and her brother works with the creative team.   


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