‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Talk About Returning To Work, Turning Down ‘DWTS’

Lauren and Ben Engaged Bachelor

Bachelor Ben Higgins went on his first off-camera date with his fiancé Lauren Bushnell on Wednesday after wrapping up a post-finale media tour in New York City. After a whirlwind week of interviews and public appearances, the celebrated with a private meal at Chef Marc Murphy’s Landmarc restaurant and now they are looking forward to getting out of the spotlight and starting their life together.

Many Bachelor couples earn a living from promoting products and making paid appearances, but Ben and Lauren reveled during an interview with AOL Build that they intend to return to work, settle down in his home in Denver, and plan their wedding.

Ben also talked about why he turned down the Dancing with the Stars gig and what life will look like when Lauren moves (soon) from California to Colorado.

Going back to work, Lauren moving to Denver, and getting a dog are all on their to-do list, in addition to planning a wedding that will happen in either 2016 or “very early” 2017.

“The one thing I don’t want out of this is to chase fame,” Ben told fans who showed up for the AOL Build event. “We’re open to opportunities, but we haven’t accepted them right now because our main goal is to concentrate on us, we want to celebrate this.”

Ben stressed that their relationship is “the most important” thing right now, and he doesn’t want to lose sight of that by chasing

During the interview at AOL headquarters in NYC, Ben was asked doing Dancing with the Stars. He made it clear that isn’t something he wanted to do because he is focused on his relationship with Lauren and doesn’t want to get “super busy” again.

“Not right now. That show is great but it’s nice to be with her [Lauren] and I want to make sure that’s what’s happening right now and not getting our whole lives super busy again.”

Instead, they both plan to return to their jobs once Lauren is settled in at Ben’s home in Denver.

Lauren, who is a flight attendant, states that she is supposed to go back to work in April, but she can work as “much or as little as she wants” because it’s a flexible job. She went on to say that she is excited for their “normal lives” to start back up.

As far as Ben’s job as a software salesman with Talisys in Denver, he explained that he has been back to work “off and on to keep insurance” over the past year in between filming the Bachelorette and Bachelor. As of now, he plans to return to the job he took “right out of college” once Lauren moves in.

Sounds like Ben and Lauren are on the right track! Will they be one of the few Bachelor success stories?

Watch Ben and Lauren’s complete interview with AOL Build here.


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