Westboro Baptist Church Attacks First Openly Gay Player In NCAA Tournament

Derick Gordon

Westboro Baptist Church has directed their hate towards the first openly gay player in the NCAA tournament. The obnoxious hate group has vowed to protest Seton Hall’s game against Gonzaga on Thursday when the March Madness tournament begins. 

The organization tweeted: “Satan-inspired media loves to stoke his rebellion, but we’ll protest @marchmadness for Derrick Gordon! @flash2gordon.”

Over the last few days, the organization has targeted Derrick Gordon with a series of tweets that included homophobic slurs and disturbing videos made by youth members. 

The church has called upon Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball coach Bill Self and the Kansas athletes department for help in their mission. 

Gordon, who plays for Seton Hall, came out as gay in 2014. He’s played for three different schools and has a great relationship with his teammates, according to social media.

Former coaches note Gordon’s courage but say that his sexual orientation never been a big deal for those close to him. 

“For us, the fact that he’s gay is an old story,” says Villanova Coach Kevin Willard. “These kids know about Derrick, they’re on social media and are very informed. This generation of athletes are much more educated on the gay athlete.”

“What he did, coming out to the world, took tremendous courage,” said UMass coach Derek Kellog in 2014. “He’s saved lives.”

Gordon’s currently focused on the game and enjoying the tournamentHe’s also set to be first player to ever play in the NCAA tourney for three different schools.


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