LeBron James Tried To Help Johnny Manziel

LeBron James, Johnny Manziel

LeBron James reportedly tried to prevent Johnny Manziel from sabotaging himself in Cleveland.  

One of Manziel’s former coaches shared with Sports Illustrated that James served as a mentor to Manziel and that James spent significant time with him. But, that wasn’t enough to save Manziel from himself: 

“When he had LeBron James as a mentor, texting him all the time, hanging out at his house watching football, and Johnny didn’t listen to his advice? That’s when I knew he had a problem.”

Manziel’s career has had its ups and downs since his college days at Texas AM. However, issues climaxed in Cleveland before the Browns released him. Manziel would reportedly sleep off hangovers in the equipment rooms. On the field, he didn’t know how to run the plays. It’s widely speculated that Manziel never wanted to play in Cleveland. He wanted and still wants to be a Dallas Cowboy. Sports Illustrated seemed to confirm that: 

“On an especially cool afternoon, he remarked: “I bet it’s nice in Dallas right now.” That irked many in the organization, including some teammates, though he was never unpopular in the locker room. Far from it. Many players seemed to gravitate towards Manziel because he was charming and cool. Manziel is loyal, picking up the tab anytime a friend visited Cleveland, buying friends Rolex watches “just because” or taking time to engage in conversation with a teammate’s or coach’s kids who were fans.” 

Lately, Manziel’s been spotted in various nightclubs in Los Angeles by TMZ and other media publications. While, he never seems under the influence, he has been going out very regularly. It’s not a good look under the current circumstances. 

Manziel’s been dropped by his agent, Erik Burkhardt as well as his marketing team. He’s been charged in a domestic violence incident by an ex-girlfriend. 

There have been several reports over the years that Manziel never really enjoyed football but rather the social standing it provided him with. 

Close friends believe that Manziel will re-commit himself to football. They think, it’s just another “down” in the quarterback’s career. 

“The thing is,” says Steven Brant, one of Manziel’s best friends from high school doesn’t seem to be worried, “we’ve been through so much. But no matter what happens, we always seem to figure it out. He always seems to end up OK.”

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