Hockey Goalie’s Aggressive Style Pays Off While Probably Killing This Kid

Hockey Scorpion

Over the years, the hockey world has seen goalies make all different types of saves. Unique saves ranging from things such as backwards glove saves, pucks off the helmet, barehanded puck coverups, and smacking the puck off of the goal line with the paddle of the stick. The goaltender in this video below, however, found a new way to make a unique save as it came at the cost of putting his unsuspecting opponent in full scorpion mode (slamming head first while body twists into the shape of a scorpion). 

Someone please get this kid an ice pack! everyone go follow @utahhighschoolhockey for more highlights!

A video posted by Adam Hill (@a_little_hill) on Mar 14, 2016 at 8:48pm PDT

This is the type of save you see goaltenders make in video games. Anybody who has every played any of EA Sports’ NHL games over the years knows the pain of coming in on a breakaway and having their opponent manually switch to controlling the goaltender and coming out of the net, knocking the puck away and sending your player face first into the ice. Let’s let NHL Youtube sensation, BaconCountry, show you how it’s done. 

Even Youtube/Twitter-world hockey sensation, Pavel Barber, was impressed by this goalie’s aggressive style of play:

It’s hard not to feel for the kid who just ate a mouthful of ice after this goaltender completely emasculated him in front of his entire team and now the entire world. People won’t remember this play for the “awesome save the goalie made,” but instead, will remember it for the kid who got completely destroyed. Hopefully, this kid gets another shot to score on this goaltender in the near future, but right now it is hard to imagine this kid being emotionally stable enough to function after this video has gone viral. 


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