Cindy Kimberly: Justin Bieber’s ‘Mystery’ Instagram Girl Goes From Babysitting To Fashion Diva

Justin Bieber Cindy Kimberly Mystery Girl

Remember Cindy Kimberly, the mystery girl Justin Bieber was smitten over after seeing her Instagram pics? Well, thanks to Bieber’s shout out on social media, the former babysitter is over the moon with her modeling debut, this according to a Sun report.

Justin Bieber has made a total and unassuming stranger famous, and that wasn’t even his original plans when he saw Cindy’s Insta picture. Beliebers went bonkers months ago when the pop star posted a short message on his page: “OMG, who is this?”

Bieber asked millions of his fans to help him learn the identity of the mystery girl with the dreamy eyes and model looks. Justin’s fans were not too happy with his Instagram crush, and Cindy stayed mum for a while.

Of course, with a nod from a celebrity hunk like Biebs, it was only a matter of time before she came forward. Recently, she did and finally broke her silence. Soon, the world learned that the mysterious girl who stopped Justin Bieber in his tracks was a 16-year-old Spanish student who tended babies in her spare time.

Thanks @sherosshair for fixing my eyebrows, lashes hair…And for having a good time

A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly Not Wolfie (@wolfiecindy) on Jan 30, 2016 at 7:41am PST

Sources say the teen beauty has gotten a leg up; today, she’s enjoying life as a fashion model. Cindy posed recently for a modeling campaign with Very, an online retailer.

In one snap, she dons a pair of ripped and stressed white jeans and nude-colored bralet. Kimberly shows off her midriff with a coordinating fringe jacket.

She sports loose shoulder-length locks with penciled-on eyeliner. The brunette model wears jeans shorts and heels in another snap and a full-length zipper denim dress in another. Some say the girl who rocketed to fame is an “Irina Shayk lookalike.”

It’s unclear if Justin’s camp formally had a hand in Cindy’s success, but the post, and resultant frenzy, likely tipped the scales in her favor. In fact, Bieber’s original post is part of the modeling campaign; the hashtag, #OMGWhosThatGirl appears in the footer of all the images.

Not surprisingly, the shy childcare-giver-turned-model is overwhelmed with her quick launch to stardom. She recently spoke about her incredible journey.

“When I saw Justin was asking about me I got very emotional because I’ve been a fan of his for more than six years.

“It seems like a fairytale. A friend of mine often used to joke that one day I’d be one of the girls he talked about, and I didn’t believe her.

“My life’s changed positively since Justin appeared in my life. At the beginning, I felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t know how to deal with it, but now I’m getting used to it.”

Along with her recent success, Cindy has graced the catwalk during Milan Fashion Week. Even then, she claims the success has not changed her; she’s still “Cindy from the block,” so to speak.

Now, the big question is this: Will Justin Bieber do a meet and greet at some point? It makes perfect sense, right?


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