Tom Schwartz Gives His Thoughts On Jax Taylor’s Anger With James Kennedy

Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz decided to propose to Katie Maloney on Vanderpump Rules and as soon as she said yes, the planning started. Tom decided to take a backseat, as Katie started planning an engagement party and getting wedding ideas. And while Schwartz just wants to celebrate the engagement, he knew that there could be some trouble, especially since there’s friction in the group. According to a new report, Tom Schwartz is now speaking out about the season finale.

“It was a nice healthy mix of excitement, joy and anticipation heading into the engagement party. I was being cheap at first but eventually loosened the purse strings,” Tom reveals of the engagement party. But it wasn’t all easy. Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were determined to crash the engagement party. They were engaged, but they weren’t wanted there, as Lisa Vanderpump felt disrespected. And since their engagement party was held at Lisa’s house, she could refuse them access.

If I’m being totally honest I was not surprised they showed up. Doute never lets a little thing like not being invited stop her and I personally invited Stassi, so yeah. I was happy to have them there! I’m a lover,” Schwartz reveals. It sounds like he’s happy that they fought their way through to the party to make an appearance.

But Tom Schwartz does comment on the fight that happened on the season finale, as things finally exploded between Jax Taylor and James Kennedy. The two are very different and things were about to explode between them.

Jax and James are archenemies. Jax just straight up hates that guy and, honestly, I don’t blame him. James is obnoxious as hell. Jax doesn’t do himself any favors in regards to squashing though. He instigated too. I don’t hate James though; he’s got some positive aspects to him,” Tom reveals. The two will continue to fight at the reunion special.

Are you surprised that Tom Schwartz is so laid back about his engagement party and the drama? Will you be watching the reunion special?

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