Suspect killed in Brussels terror raid

Media captionThe BBC’s Damian Grammaticas reports from the edge of the police cordon

One suspect has been shot dead, officials say, and as many as two others are said to be on the run after a counter-terrorism raid in Brussels.

The suspects were said to have been barricaded in a flat after earlier firing shots at the police.

Four Belgian officers were wounded in the south Brussels suburb of Forest.

The raid was linked to last year’s Paris attacks in which 130 people died. Islamic State (IS) militants have claimed responsibility for the attacks.

French police also took part in Tuesday’s operation.

Schools in lockdown

Eric Van Der Sypt, a spokesman for the federal prosecutor, said earlier that “police were fired at” during the raid on Tuesday afternoon. He added that the raid was “linked to the Paris attacks investigation”.

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Ambulances arrived at the scene after the shooting

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There is still lots of confusion in the area, a local resident told the BBC

A major police operation was then launched, with a helicopter flying overhead.

“Two individuals apparently barricaded themselves inside a home,” Forest mayor Marc-Jean Ghyssels told reporters.

Local media later reported that police surrounded a flat before further shots were fired.

“One body has been found during a search of the house in the Rue du Dries. His identity isn’t yet known but in any case it’s not that of Salah Abdeslam,” said the prosecutor’s spokesman.

Abdeslam is one of two suspects still on the run after the 13 November attacks in Paris. French police sources had said earlier that he was not the target of Tuesday’s raid.

The BBC’s Damian Grammaticas at the scene earlier said the whole area was flooded with police, and every access road was blocked.

Two local schools and two kindergartens were in lockdown for several hours before being evacuated by police.

The incident happened near railway lines used by high-speed trains to London and Paris.

Since the 13 November attacks, officials have identified most of the people they believe to have carried out the assaults.

Most of the suspects have either died during the attacks or been killed in later police raids.

In addition, 11 people have been arrested and charged in Belgium in connection with the killings. Another eight are still in detention.

Parts of Brussels were sealed off for days after the Paris massacre amid fears of a major incident. A number of suspected attackers lived in the Belgian capital.

Police have also carried out a series of raids in the city.

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