Little Girl Shows A Captive Lion Some Affection By Blowing Him A Kiss

Girl With Lion

Wild animals can be unpredictable in captivity and out, a lesson a young girl visiting the zoo learned after encountering a lion at a glass-enclosed exhibit.

The 15-second video shows an elementary-aged girl pressed up against the window to see the lion up close and personal.  At first, the king of the jungle simply stares back. But after she presses her lips against the glass, the lion stands up and starts banging his paws against the window.

The girl is slightly shaken by the reaction but doesn’t appear scarred by the incident.

One YouTube user commented: “When you look in almost any giant ass cat’s eyes it will try to intimidate to assert dominance. That’s what it was doing.”

Another rebuked: “Looked more like it wanted to tear that girl apart and anyone else that looked tasty.”

A third added: “The Lion feels trapped and wants out, I feel bad for it.”

What do you think of the lion’s reaction?

Check out this video of a lion being rescued after slipping into the sea:

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