Anonymous Plans New War On Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Anonymous has its sights set on Donald Trump again.

In a video that circulated Tuesday, the hacker collective called on its base around the world to attack the GOP frontrunner’s businesses and websites and to reveal any personal information uncovered.¬†

A man wearing the Guy Fawkes mask normally associated with the group also addressed Trump directly in the video, according to CNET.

“Your inconsistent and hateful campaign has not only shocked the United States of America, you have shocked the entire planet with your appalling actions and ideas,” the man in the mask said.

While the video was posted on Anonymous social media accounts on Tuesday it was uploaded to YouTube on March 4. The video is titled “Anonymous Declares Total War On Donald Trump.”

The effort seeks to not just embarrass Trump or shut down his websites but to find something that will halt his presidential bid.

But that’s a task that looks like it’s going to be increasingly difficult to do as of Tuesday night. Multiple media outlets are reporting that Trump has won the GOP primary in the state of Florida and is leading in several other states. He is likely to increase his lead in GOP delegates by the end of the night.

But a quick glance at Twitter shows that Anonymous is still pressing forward, using the hashtag #OpTrump to organize and get its message out. The hacker collective is asking its supporters to bring down on April 1, according to Engadget. Other sites that are on the hit list include,, and various websites related to the presidential campaign.

Engadget also notes that this is the 2nd time Trump has been targeted by Anonymous. The group posted a message to the billionaire businessman last year following his comments regarding Muslims.

Most political observers noted at that time that simply taking down a handful of websites is unlikely to do anything to slow down Trump’s march towards the nomination but it sounds like Anonymous¬†is undeterred and will continue its efforts for the foreseeable future.

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