Chelsea Houska Has Scary Moment: Cole DeBoer Comes To Her Rescue

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska has the perfect life with the perfect man and the perfect daughter. But there is something that isn’t perfect – and that’s her tolerance for spiders. This past week, Houska struggled with her fear of spiders and she revealed that she’s now struggling to sleep comfortably – especially after a recent incident. According to a new tweet, Chelsea Houska felt something crawl into her ear and after she learned what it was, she was scared of going back to sleep.

“So there I am…snoozing away. When something wakes me up. I felt SOMETHING in my ear. I knew I did. So I panic and wake Cole up…,” Chelsea explained of her scary incidence. She tells him that she felt something crawl into her ear, but he couldn’t see anything when he tried to help her.

She tells him, “Cole something is in my ear please help me and try to look in there” – and she explains that she’s scared. “Please note that I am having a full ass panic attack at this point,” she explains, adding, “We go into the bathroom and he’s shining a flashlight in my ear and trying to see in there but doesn’t see anything.”

She explains that she tried to examine her eye with a Q-tip and a spider came out of her ear. Of course, this caused a complete panic and she had to sleep with a headband on her head, so another spider couldn’t get into her ear. “I DONT KNOW IF I CAN EVEN GO ON ANYMORE. I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. This has been my worst fear my whole life,” Chelsea Houska reveals on Twitter. It sounds like a scary experience.

What do you think of Chelsea Houska’s experience? Are you surprised that the spider crawled so far into her ear that Cole couldn’t spot it?


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