New iPhone and iPad expected to be announced by Apple on 21 March

Apple is holding a press event on 21 March, the company has confirmed, at which it is expected to announce a new, smaller iPhone and a replacement for the iPad Air 2.

The company announced the event, to be held in its Cupertino, CA, offices, with the typically obfuscatory strapline: “let us loop you in”. The line could refer to Apple Watch straps, or simply to Apple’s location at 1 Infinite Loop.

The invitation from Apple was confirmed with this mysterious strapline. Photograph: Apple

Expected at the event is the “iPhone SE”, Apple’s belated attempt to appeal to customers left behind by the move to a new larger form factor for the iPhones 6 and 6S. The device would be the same size as the old iPhone 5, but contain updated internals to bring it up to the same spec as the iPhone 6.

Also expected is a new 10-inch iPad, to replace the venerable iPad Air 2. Rather than the iPad Air 3, though, the device could instead be launched as the iPad Pro, positioning it as the smaller version of the 13-inch original iPad Pro.

The event is happening a week later than originally expected, apparently as part of the company’s ongoing PR war with the American government: its current timing puts it just a day ahead of opening arguments Apple’s court case with the FBI over whether or not it can be forced to weaken the security on the iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooter.

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